“Singer/songwriter/guitarist Cristina Williams embodies a hybrid of musical influences you probably haven’t come across in the current pop rock climate. Imagine the self-possessed rock attitude of Chrissie Hynde channeling Linda Rondstadt’s 70’s California folk/rock cool. Yeah, wild.” – Gail Worley

After living in the two biggest cities in the country, being in the desert has created some extra space in my head – almost by default. Maybe it’s the lack of pollution – maybe it’s the physical whitespace: gaps between buildings, gaps between the rooftops and the blue, blue sky. What ever it is, I’m shedding things and thoughts and baggage. I don’t need them anymore. Which makes me think, what do I need? Time and space to write, sing, rock out and be.

Some of you know me as the bass player for Tucson rock bands The Modeens and The Cordials, others know me as the theater diva from Jacksonville, FL. but I’ve been doing the singer/songwriter thing for most of my life. Steeped in folk music while growing up in Florida – me and my acoustic guitar. Then moved to New York City and got hooked on rock n roll – switched to electric and started playing with a full-on band. Another change in course and I ended up in LA with my man, Jamie Laboz, and started founding The Modeens. But now that I’ve been getting my rock off (heh) – I’m lately drawn to my folkier, quieter side – country songs keep coming out of my pen. And not just country – don’t know what to call my sound these days, but I’m ready to share some of my own little world.