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a season of the new

First month of the year, ’tis the season of turning over a new leaf and for me that includes lots of new things: new photos, new website and most importantly…new music! Yes, those demos have been taking their sweet time coalescing into something resembling the kinds of new songs I’ve been hearing inside my head – and willing to send off into the world. But the time is nigh!

But first, the photos. I just did a shoot with fantastic (and fascinating) photographer, Jimi Giannatti. Go click the link and see all the great work he’s done with really cool people! Here’s a sneak peek at of some of the pieces of my soul Jimi captured.

FYI – the building you’ll see in some of these shots are from a beautiful mission-style building called San Pedro Chapel. You’d think you were out in the middle of the Sonoran desert but this chapel – standing since the 1930s – is actually in the heart of Tucson in one of the oldest neighborhoods – originally called El Fuerte (the Strong) and is now Old Fort Lowell. It’s a tiny road surrounded by isolated adobes, ranches and native landscape that I didn’t have any idea existed just a mile from my house.

Cristina Williams by Jimi Giannatti

Cristina Williams by Jimi Giannatti

Cristina Williams by Jimi Giannatti

Cristina Williams by Jimi Giannatti

Cristina Williams by Jimi Giannatti

New website coming soon!



gig alert! the modeens cover “who’s next” this saturday

Just a little plug for my rock n roll band, The Modeens – we’ll be playing at the beautiful Rialto theater in downtown Tucson this Saturday – okay, tomorrow – and covering songs from one of The Who’s best albums ever, “Who’s Next”.

Album Cover for "Who's Next"

(Yes, they’re doing what you think they’re doing.)

Since I’m doing some of the singing and all of the bass-playing, I’ve been learning a lot about Roger Daltrey’s mojo and John Entwistle’s face-melting musicianship. Not that I’m going to come even close to playing like John. Instead, I’m trying to distill the essence of his playing – as the rest of us are. These are mighty big shoes to fill and it’s been a real trip living inside these songs that have been in my head practically since birth! And I have to say, we’re not The Who, but we’re gonna rock the hell out of our 25-minute slot.

Oh, and if you want to watch an excellent documentary about them – with new live footage – check out Amazing Journey: Story of The Who – (also, available for instant streaming on Netflix).

This is a fundraiser for the wonderful KXCI to celebrate albums from 30 years ago (1971), and, folks, they deserve those dollars. Music is running from 5pm to 11pm and we’re in the 8:10pm slot (yeah, the short sets lead to weird show times). Lots and lots of other great local talent playing the hits so check out the flyer below. $10 general admission!

Saturday, August 20th
8:10pm (our slot)
Rialto Theater
Be there or be square!


KXCI Celebrates 1971



new album in the works

Hey, yall

It’s been a while since the last album of solo material (since about 2006, damn!) and I’m finally working on a new album – tentatively titled “in my own little world”. This one will be a lot quieter, a lot folkier than my output has been lately. I grew up and learned to play on folk music – Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Judy Collins and backyard BBQs – so it’s been feeling good to go back to my roots. There’s still a lot to do before i can post any tidbits, but you’ll definitely see a different side of me musically.

At this stage, I’m working on some pre-production demos right at my little ol’ desk as you can see here – the “Beatles” books are actually the book of the score to every single Beatles recording and then the cover that the big book came in – all to prop up my laptop (not shown) AND serve as daily inspiration:

In addition to the new works – I’ll also be re-releasing some earlier work that I did with Jamie and Philip B Williams in Humboldt. It was originally put out as the first Modeens demo – but the songs are mine and I never did much with them. So after talking with Jamie and Phil, I’ll be repackaging them and putting them out on the shelf. You can check out some tracks on the music page – right now I’m calling it ‘Spinning’ which could change – but I’ll put out a big ol’ post when it’s finally ready.

See ya round!


gig alert: santa cruz farmer’s market * june 23rd

Santa Cruz Farmer's Market

Santa Cruz Farmer's Market

I just did my first farmer’s market gig – Santa Cruz Farmer’s Market – formerly close to Speedway and Grand and now at the Mercado de San Agustin, on Congress just west of I-10. A really mellow gig, in a good way! My favorite part was the kids’ reactions. Little babies lighting up at the sounds of music! Children are so into music in a way that so many of us outgrow.


Whoa, and Google tells me: Eating Well magazine has recognized Tucson’s Santa Cruz River Farmers’ Market as one of “America’s Top 10 Farmers’ Markets.”

I like going out to farmer’s markets anyway and frequent this one quite a bit. So it was cool to be there early and see how full and luscious all the tables are and hear them ring the “open for business” bell. I’m usually late getting there and have to scramble for the last bits of good veggies that might be available.

We had so much fun I’m doing it again:

Thursday, June 23rd
Mercado de San Agustin
just off Congress and just west of the I-10
I’ll be doing two sets somewhere between 4pm – 7pm

Bring some reusable bags and get some great deal!