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Happy New Year! 

Yes, I took a few days away from my computer as 2017 wound down.  It was pretty delicious! It's been a very sweet holiday after all - I felt like I was stepping away from the "shoulder to boulder" mode for a minute and drinking in my home, my family, life. With a fair amount of cookies. And now I'm ready to put away the decorations (and cookies) and get back to Work. I'm not big on resolutions, but I do think goals are important and here's my goal for 2018: write more songs.

For the first time, a few days ago, I decided to tally up the songs I wrote and recorded in 2017. And the list was pretty small. I've been generating songs, writing lyrics and starting a LOT. But as far as finishing them - not so much. Oh, okay, I'll go ahead and write it out: three. I finished three songs in all of 2017. As for recording songs - that tally was better: 4 solo songs (posted on this here site) and 6 songs for Silver Cloud Express (three for a live radio show and three studio tracks that are turning out amazing and I can't wait to show yall!). But three songs written? Oof.

Now I'm a tortoise as opposed to a hare - I do tend to take time over songs, brooding over a lyric choice here, debating on a major or minor chord there. But life is short and songwriters write songs and I'm a songwriter. I know I can do better.

So for 2018, my goal is to finish at least 12 new songs - songs that I think are good enough to play for other people or record, either solo or with SCX or that work well for licensing purposes - that I'm proud of. And that means writing much more than 12 songs - because nobody always writes awesome songs. So ideally, I would finish a song each week - so that should give me around 50 songs to choose from. Oh geez, my heart just skipped a beat seeing that number - but it's a goal. And it would be a very cool thing to hit that.

My main obstacle to this goal is perfectionism. It takes me a looooong time before I even let Jamie hear a new tune of mine. And I need to get over it. Nobody's going to like everything I do - but if I like it, that's going to have to be good enough.

Ack - as soon as I hit publish on this post - it makes it all official-like, which is scary! But you don't achieve anything really cool without scaring yourself a little, or at least getting a little uncomfortable. 

So here's to a new year of making way more new music! And here's to another trip around the sun full of possibilities for us all! 

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