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Come and sit a spell while I play you some tunes and spin you some yarns. About the Florida marshlands I come from, the big cities I've rambled through and the wide open Tucson desert I now call home. Sign up on the right to stay in touch.

Pleased to meet cha!  


lizard bunch update: the next generation! 

Younger desert spiny's are coming into the fold now. Especially Micro, the littles one yet. Jamie is also a great documentarian of this lizard life happening in the suburbs of Tucson and captures the spirit of these unusually social reptiles (social for the purpose of getting juicy mealworms - but still!)


Meet Buddy during mealtime

And here's little Micro while Massi sleeps, blissfully unaware...

Buddy and Sandy, they know where the good stuff is!

I have to ask Jamie which ones this is - I can't tell them apart as well as he can! but I think they're all saying the same thing!

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