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the sweetest thing 

Happy Moonday! (not a typo - didja know that the word 'Monday' evolved originally from the Latin phrase "dies lunae" or "day of the Moon"?) We have an awesome little hip coffee joint downtown called Exo Roast run by Amy Rude (now Amy Smith, but c'mon Amy Rude is an AWESOME name) and her husband Greg Smith. They both also happen to be great country artists. They built a beautiful rustic-urban space in the back for classes and performances and have started packing it with really cool sounding events that I'm dying to go to and never do. But on Valentine's Day, I won't have a choice because I'm joining a whole slew of fellow female folkish/countryish artists to sing a bunch of sweet country songs in a show called "Sweethearts of the Rodeo". Instead of the usual fodder of heartbreak and death, the night will focus on the sweet side of life. I can't wait - performers are encouraged to go all out country glam (ruffles, long dresses, sequins) or head-to-toe denim. My contribution will be the first song I thought of when Amy announced this idea: Juice Newton's "The Sweetest Thing". This may not be what folks think of as classic country - it's from the 80's after all - but Juice was an underrated country artist and I've always loved this song. I got me some bedazzled denim overalls so I just gotta flesh out the rest of the outfit (sequined cowboy hat?)

Sweethearts of the Rodeo
Wednesday, February 14th
Exo Roast 403 N 6th Ave, Tucson



Damn, she had some great hair. 

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