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Friday inspo: Every Moment 

From one of those effervescent thoughts that bubble to the surface of my mind when I'm lying in bed at the end of the day waiting for Sleep:

Every moment has its own wisdom

Isn't this what meditation is? Sitting down with each moment and listening to what it has to offer? Listening to what it Is. Like having tea with a wise grandmother - except it's one frame of a movie that stretches throughout your whole life (and beyond?). And that grandmother is you. Or God. Or both. Or Nothing.

But if we are receptive to each moment, really listening to what Is, we will know so much more. About what is actually happening. And the millions of things that are not happening but that were fabricated by our monkey minds out of thin air.

It is then that we can take that next step, say that next word, perform the task at hand and stay grounded in the Truth and compassion.

And that is how we turn the world around.


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