New ric

It's Ric Day!

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! I'm about to do something I haven't done in a good long while - pick up a new axe! I know I might be counting my chickens since it is not actually in my house yet, but today I am going to be picking up a new Rickenbacker bass. (!) Now, my relationship with the bass started back around mid-2000s (mid-oughts? what the hell are we calling that period of time between 2000 and 2009 anyway?) when The Modeens were new and we decided I should try playing bass. Jamie got me started off right…

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Julius schlosburg april moon

blue blood super full moon fever

This photo of the moon was taken by my talented friend Julius Schlosburg.


“Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of our desire to understand.” 

-- Neil Armstrong 

So Wednesday morning was a lunar trifecta: blue moon (second full moon in the same month), super moon (slightly closer to the earth and appears larger) and lunar eclipse (also known as a blood moon). The moon turns red during an eclipse (hence the term "blood moon") due to the Earth's atmosphere. (I'll just take "their" word for…

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John lennon

lennon quote

from one of my favorite modern philosophers.

“The more real you get the more unreal the world gets.” 
― John Lennon


Sturgill simpson chris stapleton

stapleton and simpson

If we're home, we love to watch Saturday Night Live - even though the writing goes up and down. And the musical guests these days usually leave us scratching our heads "Huh, so _that's_ what the kids are listening to these days?"

But last Saturday featured Chris Stapleton (along with one of my faves Will Ferrell as the host - l'adore!) and so I was looking forward to it. He's a good ol' rocker with an awesome voice and bringing back traditional country and I've been meaning to check him out more.


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Cris screaming again

girls just wanna be heard

My beloved sent me a link to an article on Billboard magazine, New Report Shows Major Lack of Representation by Women in the Music Industry, and it is an EYE OPENER!

This is a subject I'm of course sensitive to and have been aware of ever since I poked my head into the music industry years and years ago. I remember back in the mid-90s when Lilith Fair was a groundbreaking all female festival and my girlfriends and I were first outraged to learn that it was common 'wisdom' in radio to never play female…

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