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bass meditation

With a title like that, you could assume this will be a rumination on the nature of playing bass, the purpose of the bass instrument in Life, of or even a little haiku on the joys of bass! But no…

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to the bone

It's not easy being a musician. All the instability and stress of scrabbling to make ends meet along with the mental instability and stress of putting your most vulnerable self out into the world for others to jeer or…

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like rain in the desert

Photo by Bill Gracey

It's raining! Been raining since deep into the night, when I awoke to that lovely gentle patter on the roof. Winter rains are the sweet cousin to our monsoon season. Instead of the crash…

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remembering the music store

Here's a reprint from 5 years ago - I was just reminded of it by a kind message from Freddy Paulus' grandson, Nicholas! Thanks for getting in touch, and all the best to your grandfather!

Most girls growing up…

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