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Sweethearts rodeo

sweet harmony

Getting ready for the Sweethearts of the Rodeo show at Exo Roast tonight for Valentine's Day. The main point is for local female artists in the country/folk spectrum to get together and play and do some little duets with each other that focus on country songs with a "sweet" theme (as opposed to the more usual whiskey and heartbreak tone). It's also a fundraiser for a Democratic candidate for AZ governor, Kelly Fryer.

I'm excited to be singing a song with Lana Rebel (and it's SUPER sweet! we kept getting…

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Martin vintage

music is life

Someone posted this quote in a forum on FaceBook and it struck me so deeply, I had to share. I knew Bruce was a poet but it still is lovely to see his writing outside of his iconic songs. This is from a speech he gave when he accepted the MusicCares Person of the Year Award in 2013. Needless to say, I stand with every word. And it's just good to be reminded sometimes...

"I’ve been a part of the miracle of music. I’ve seen people tired and depressed and weary and worn out, soul off. And I’ve seen them…

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carol kaye is a badass!

I am swooning over the new Ric! So I'm in bass mode right now (even though I'm in recording limbo right now finishing the vocals for a Silver Cloud Express song!) Here's a re-post of a blog I did a while back (2012! wow) on my favorite bass player of all time who few people know about: Carol Kaye!


It’s funny that most people these days think of me as a bass player. But holding down the rhythm with four giant steel strings is a relatively new development in my life. I’ve been playing acoustic guitar…

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Jamerson 1 lettph

tribute to james jamerson

In honor of bass players everywhere who don't get quite as noticed as the guitar player or singer, here's the King! James Jamerson is the fingers behind half of the best music from the 60s (Carol Kaye being the other half). Here's a lovely tribute to his playing and his own Excalibur-turned-Holy-Grail - the lost 1962 Fender Precision Bass.

If you're NOT familiar with Jamerson, here's a good intro:

"The pinpoint-perfect syncopation. The melodic counterpoint. The ghost notes and inversions. In a foregone…

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John lennon

lennon quote

from one of my favorite modern philosophers.

“The more real you get the more unreal the world gets.” 
― John Lennon


Sturgill simpson chris stapleton

stapleton and simpson

If we're home, we love to watch Saturday Night Live - even though the writing goes up and down. And the musical guests these days usually leave us scratching our heads "Huh, so _that's_ what the kids are listening to these days?"

But last Saturday featured Chris Stapleton (along with one of my faves Will Ferrell as the host - l'adore!) and so I was looking forward to it. He's a good ol' rocker with an awesome voice and bringing back traditional country and I've been meaning to check him out more.


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Img 3259

what would neil young do?

Austin Kleon is one of those artist/writer/bloggers I find myself sharing or posting about more than most (well, when I actually post on social media - been a hermit crab lately). For one thing, I really like his 'blackout' art, where he takes an existing newspaper clipping and blacks out all of the words except for those that turn into a poem. Here's Invitations:

He's also written books like Steal Like an Artist and Show Your Work and is a big proponent of the notion that art thrives on the works that…

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American Boy

I know it's taken me a while to express this ode to one of my favorite musicians of all time, but I am the tortoise, not the hare. So here goes (profanity warning ahead): 

What the hell? Tom Petty is no more. What? Wait, what? This just isn’t right. Petty is woven into the denim fabric of my musical heritage - he seeped in from the car radio in our old station wagon as I bumped along over Jacksonville roads in the back seat. He growled out of my dashboard when I was newly cruising down Beach Boulevard on…

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Img 3478

another holiday video playlist

Oh, sure everyone's doing it. But what the heck, I don't see these listed anywhere, so this is what I'm bringing to the holiday turntable!

Jill Sobule's version of "Merry Christmas From the Family"  - originally penned by Robert Earl Keen, Jill's version of a redneck trailer park kinda' Christmas was the first one I heard and it's still one of my favorite Xmas tunes:

and you know what, the original version is cool too, so here you go:

Then there's Emmylou Harris - who can sing anything and you'd be…

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A3482857760 10 750x750

soul of a woman

This is the time of year when I feel her absence the most. As I put on my favorite holiday album, It's a Holiday Soul Party, I think on one of the greatest singers in the last couple of decades (if not longer).

Sharon Jones - the queen of modern soul, from her humble gospel roots in Augusta, Georgia through a long session career as a backup vocalist (and corrections officer at Rikers) in relative obscurity until a Brooklyn duo gave her a shot which led to the birth of the Dap-Tone Kings (as Sharon's…

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