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Cris willett

EXO Roast and a tribute to the women of country

Valentine's Day was wonderful at EXO Roast! Amy Smith (nee Rude) and her husband Doug have done wonders with the performance space, taking their already country-urban-cool coffee shop and carving out a cozy niche with a lovely bar (specializing in mescal!), long banquet style tables to foster some hobnobbing with your neighbors and a small stage decorated with Mexican-style crepe flowers and a nice sound system. It's a true listening room by candlelight and the crowd was attentive and responsive.


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Sweethearts rodeo

sweet harmony

Getting ready for the Sweethearts of the Rodeo show at Exo Roast tonight for Valentine's Day. The main point is for local female artists in the country/folk spectrum to get together and play and do some little duets with each other that focus on country songs with a "sweet" theme (as opposed to the more usual whiskey and heartbreak tone). It's also a fundraiser for a Democratic candidate for AZ governor, Kelly Fryer.

I'm excited to be singing a song with Lana Rebel (and it's SUPER sweet! we kept getting…

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the sweetest thing

Happy Moonday! (not a typo - didja know that the word 'Monday' evolved originally from the Latin phrase "dies lunae" or "day of the Moon"?) We have an awesome little hip coffee joint downtown called Exo Roast run by Amy Rude (now Amy Smith, but c'mon Amy Rude is an AWESOME name) and her husband Greg Smith. They both also happen to be great country artists. They built a beautiful rustic-urban space in the back for classes and performances and have started packing it with really cool sounding events that I'm…

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Stop making sense 30th feature

once in a lifetime

Here’s a little side note about a side project Jamie and I participated in this Fall. Downtown Tucson’s best dive bar, Che’s Lounge (that hissing you hear is from all the ex-pat Cubans in my family - it’s okay), does a cover concert every Halloween with a band that forms each year just for the occasion, Spacefish (founded by one of CL’s owners, Jim). They have a (well deserved) reputation for doing amazing covers of amazing bands like Led Zeppelin, Weezer, Nirvana and even Jimi Hendrix. Our good buddy and…

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Img 3588

New music! New website! New, new, new!

As you know, I've been gestating some new music for a while (a good LONG while), pondering and tweaking and still waiting to pull the trigger. But the time is now! Maybe it’s the monsoon season, building up that sense of urgency with its lightning storms and torrential rains that finally propelled me to push these tunes out into the world. 

Yes, after so much time hinting and hemming and hawing, I have some NEW songs and a NEW website to show for it! I love how this site feels like a real home for this new…

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